Organic Athlete Guide to Sports Nutrition

I am on the education committee for an organization called Organic Athlete that promotes veganism through athletic events. The main person behind it, Bradley Saul is very hard-working and ambitious about what they can achieve. Recently I helped with their Sports Nutrition Guide. While I do not agree with all of it (mostly the raw food, anti-fake meat wingnut stuff), it is still a very good resource. Check it out here:
Organic Athlete Guide to Sports Nutrition

Bike Winter Ride to India Sweets and Spices

When LA had Bike Summer in 2005 I organized a series of rides to vegetarian restaurants. We had a great turnout and it was super fun. Since Bike Winter is so short we limited it to one ride. Thanks to everyone who did the ENTIRE route through Griffith Park.

Razor on my hat and my own spork

Did Morgan know there was a skull on the tv?

Thanks again Lisa Auerbach for photos

Joshua Ploeg dinner

Our friend Joshua is a traveling vegan chef and makes the best food I have ever had, anywhere, anytime. Super gourmet creations from all over the world with attention to detail and culture. Norwegian soup? Icelandic appetizers? He is on it and we love having him come down to LA and spend time with us.

A-house bike parking


Vegan girl lawyer club, nuff said