Individual Consultation
Knowing which foods to eat and if you are getting all of the nutrients you need can be a daunting task. I can analyze your current eating habits and create a realistic plan to make healthy changes and get the most out of your meals. My expertise is plant-based eating and I work with everyone from flexitarian to raw vegan. I’m committed to helping you eat better in a way that takes into consideration your unique lifestyle.

My client services:

Nutrient analysis- know if you are getting all the nutrients you need!
Realistic eating plans to make healthy changes, including goals and follow up.
Grocery store tours to find affordable, healthy, tasty food.
One on one cooking lessons.
Training plans for new and recreational athletes from 5k’s to ironman and ultra-cycling.
Packages available for combined services, groups, etc.
Phone and email based services also available.

Lectures and Speaking Engagements
I love to speak to crowds! I have experience that ranges from DIY festivals to scientific conferences and groups of 20 to over 200. I’ve spoken to student organizations and done guest lectures at universities, presented to vegetarian and environmental groups and spoken on a variety of panels.  I have a sliding scale of fees and do whatever I can to be available- please get in touch if you’d like me to speak at your event.

Cooking and Restaurant Consultation
My professional training and personal experience goes beyond the nutrition of food and into the kitchen! I love to cook and create recipes and am available to consult with restaurants, chefs and individuals who want to incorporate more vegan and vegetarian meals. Please contact me for details.

Media Spokesperson
As a Registered Dietitian and expert on nutrition, I’m qualified to speak with the media about the science of veganism. If you work in media or are approached for a piece, don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote.

I’m available for writing columns in print or online on a variety of subjects pertaining to diet, exercise and lifestyle. I have unique experience as a nutrition professional ranging from bike touring through Central America, doing the world’s hardest triathlon in Eidfjord, Norway and teaching college in south central Los Angeles. I think good health, fun, adventure, ethics and radical politics go hand-in-hand.

Please see my bio, athletic resume and more info on veganism.

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Twitter: @MattRuscigno

Instagram: @MattRuscigno