King of the Mountains Century Challenge

This past Saturday we rode the Heartbreak 100, which was stage 3 of the King of the Mountains Century Challenge. Your time is added up from three of the most difficult centuries. The others are the Mulholland Challenge and Breathless Agony.
Unfortunately I don’t have any ride reports written! If you check the results from Mulholland, we are top 20, only 35 minutes back from the fastest time. We were pretty stoked.
Breathless had a steep bit early and I was feeling miserable at first, then felt better and got an okay time. Jack did extremely well on this one and on Heartbreak most recently. Max and I chilled out; I was tired from the triathlon the week before and it was fucking cold. Like 42 degrees and windy at the start. WTF? Looking forward to next year.

Auburn half-iron triathlon

Second triathlon. Good fun. Got a wetsuit for this one (which is a story in itself, please ask in person so I can tell it with proper visuals). The Auburn Triathlon is billed as the world’s hardest half iron. To me that means that the bike and run are a lot more interesting. And they were!

At the start I was super nervous. All these people who look like aliens, wearing wetsuits and goggles. Then I look down and see that I look just like them. The swim was in this beautiful lake, you swam out, made a left then did a long out and back and then sort of arc’d back to the start for the 1.2 mile distance. I stayed towards the back in the start and then just found a comfortable pace with a small group. I had done a ton of ‘technique work’ and had not swam a lot of distance. This was my gamble after my horrible swim performance in my first tri. It was aparent that it paid off: I was taking almost half of the swim strokes as those around (that means much less energy spent). When I saw the dock was close I stepped it up a bit and swam away from the group I was with. When I got out I noticed that the guy in front of me had a half sleeve as I was taking off the top of my wetsuit. The announcer said, ‘Here come the first participants in the heavily tattooed division.’ Funny. Swim time: 34 minutes

The bike route was through wonderful, hilly back country. I saw a kid with a USC jersey and asked him if he knew my friend Michel and he did! She had mentioned me to and gave me some props for jumping into this one. I told him how Michel is the only person I know who has done a triathlon. When I rode away he said, ‘See you on the run”. What is that suppose to mean? I was so stoked on the bike. They stopped traffic for you! I passed a ton of people and when I saw an ‘LA Tri Club’ jersey I’d yell ‘Yeah LA represent!’, but no one responded.
Bike time: 3 hrs 15 min

The run was a figure-8 almost all trail. I got tripped up twice! Actually hit the ground. It was so hot that they would sponge you with cold water when you passed the check points. The route was SO hilly that lots of people were walking. Only a very few passed me. Had some stomach issues, but I knew I’d struggle a bit on the run from going so hard on the bike. Not too bad though.
Run time: 2 hrs 10 min
Overall: 6 hrs 5 min

This was really really fun. The organizers did an awesome job and the feel of it is actually ‘grass roots’ as they claim. Thanks to my Uncle Bob who gave me a place to crash in Folsom and took us out for great food pre and post race. And to my father for the x-mas present registration fee.