Talk and book signing in Easton, Pennsylvania

For the first time ever, I’ll be doing an event in my hometown! Saturday, September 7th I’ll be a part of the first annual Easton Vegfest.

My talk on vegan sports nutrition with a book signing of the newly released Plant-based Sports Nutrition, will be at 3pm at the Nurture Nature Center, just a few blocks from the vegfest. Much love to Lehigh Valley Vegan for making this happen!

The event is free and I’ll be doing a short talk on how vegan athletes get it done and what you need to know to fuel on plants. There will be books for purchase! The best way to support me is to buy one in person. The next best thing (besides just handing me cash and telling me I’m doing a good job) is to leave a review over at whole foods, washington post, amazon.

Click on the photo below to go to the facebook event page.

This is especially exciting because I’m from the Lehigh Valley and I went vegan on the day of my high school graduation. My early experience of plant-based foods was exploring the produce shops, grocers, and restaurants of immigrant communities there and I’m forever thankful because if they didn’t exist, I may have never learned the wide array of vegan foods available.

Now hopefully we can get a write-up in the local paper that I delivered on bicycle in my neighborhood for my entire high school life!