Bring May Powers

And just like that Saturday is May 1st. The crew from September's
Bromamce Slaycation has piled into the Adventure Van (at 31 yrs old
I've no qualm that the vehicle I've spent the most time in in the
previous five yrs is my friend's mom's minivan) and is heading north
to Cool, CA. Married couple brodozer vehicle left the South Bay
earlier and this afternoon we'll combine forces. 24 hours of Cool
Saturday noon to Sunday noon.
We've got:
4-person Swarm! team- Max, Brian (both Bonobo team veterans), Mike Sz
(raced Tucson 24hr) and Nicolas (from the HooDoo 500 team in 07)
Jenny and McCall on support and hang-out duty.
They should kill it. Podium?

I'm racing solo single-speed. No crazy expectations as my fitness is
still meh. Also had hoped to have my new (custom!) bike w an actual
shock fork, but alas it wasn't done in time. Because there's no better
first ride for a new bike than a 24 hour one.

While Swarm! team M is in the woods off-roading in the north, Swarm!
team F will be in central coast at the Wildflower 'woodstock of
triathlons' triathlon. Molly (vegan baker extraordinaire) is racing
her first Olympic distance and Sasha (508 documentarian) is doing the
same, her very first tri. I've been working closely with her on
nutrition/training so I'll be thinking about her while I'm racing.

Keep up with the races at if that
sort of thing interests you.

Playlist thus far:
Propagandhi Less Talk More Rock
Integrity Systems Overloaded
Converge Petitioning the Empty Sky

And if you're in LA for May Day check this out:

Demand the impossible! Of yourself and the world.

You Can’t Be Neutral

Dropping serious knowledge. Watch this and send to 24 people.

Instead of preparing for my 24 hour mountain bike race this weekend, I’m writing about veganism and getting worked up over bike/pedestrian policy here in Los Angeles and nationwide. Six and seven years ago when I first got involved in bike advocacy in Los Angeles the bar was low, as were my expectations. Any improvement or mere mention of bikes outside of our circles was reason for excitement. Fast forward to 2010 and I’m almost overwhelmed with the progress. Almost. We are making gains, but now I want more. It makes so much sense in our unique position today with the economy, environmental concern and a renewed interest in urbanity to shift resources to promote bicycling and walking. But then LA Dept of Transportation General Manager Rita Robinson says stuff like I wish we were New York and could magically make things happen. Argh.

It’s up to us to show her it is not magic. To start here is a post by the US Dept of Transportation in support: What we know about bike infrastructure: people want it. This is the freakin US DOT!! I never could imagine seeing this just a few years ago. And here we are. But, and this is a big but, too many people are not seeing this. Or understanding it if they are. Too few people get this:

As anarchist academic and hero-to-many Howard Zinn says, ‘You can’t be neutral on a moving train.’ Everything is political. Your actions do matter. If you ride a bike, exclusively or occasionally, it’s up to you to share the statement above. AND its political importance. Bicycle infrastructure is good for everyone. Fewer people in fewer cars has social, environmental, health and personal benefits. So study up and share with others. We cannot wait for policy change to come from people like Rita Robinson. We need to change ourselves and to share these benefits with our circles.

Here’s a challenge. While I am riding my single-speed mountain bike for 24 hours this weekend, can you send one of the links above to 24 people?

the future

Yo! Wow. Epic month. You’d think that the more epic = more posts, but unfortunately often that’s not the case.
We’ve had parties, picnics, races, travels and other stuff I can’t remember. The best stuff often doesn’t make it to my blog, like my New Zealand trip and riding the Great Divide. So while I sort these old events, here are some events in the future.

Bake Me Up! vegan bake sale in Echo Park at Mooi Foods from 11-5. This is a benefit for PAWS LA and Kitten Rescue. Other vegan events on

My friend Deanna Adams is racing the inaugural Arizona Trail 750, which starts today at the Mexico/US border. It’s self-support style like the 2700 mile Tour Divide race along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Banff to Mexico. What does this mean? No entry fee, no support, no checkpoints. Very awesome. The first part is along the Arizona Trail 300 which has been raced the last few years. The AZTR 750 requires a 22-mile bike portage through the Grand Canyon. Seriously. No bikes allowed. No rolling, pushing, pulling. It must be dismantled and carried on one’s back. Sound miserable? I wish I was racing. I’d love to be out there on this epic journey of desert, mountains, heat, snow, pedaling, hiking….gawd. Beautiful way to spend one’s days. Anyhow, you can follow Deanna’s progress here: Oh yeah, she’s on a fixed gear.

Lastly, the Swarm! twitter is active. Great links related to veganism, bikes, racing, streets, the environment, etc posted throughout the day. Check it out.