ride eat fly

If Steevo thought $4.50 was a lot for some veg sushi he wouldn't
believe how much this vegan burger cost tonight in Santa Monica. He
could eat for a week.
Rode sullivan cyn, dirt Mulholland, broken arrow and everything in
between. Coming down Sully was packed and FAST. Grabbed some food and
snacks and straight to the airport for a red eye to NYC. Hopefully I
don't smell too bad.
Not a huge adventure, but a good winter solstice nonetheless.

Not no whip

I stole this from HTATBL, who apparently got it from this person.
Yes, autoworkers’ jobs are important. But how many examples do we need to see that Laissez Faire capitalism is a total fucking farce and that huge top-heavy corporations with extravagant CEO salaries are, and have always been, taking money right out of our pockets?

I’m pissed!

Back to posts about bikes and bike riding soon. Probably. I hope.

LA urban double start this morning

This should be called the urban-escape double! Why am I not riding it? I went out to the start this morning to help Shaun, who so far is doing a bang up job on organizing this, and that was the thought I had. As you can see a hardy crew set out at 9am (!!) to get in 200 miles almost literally around Los Angeles.

Here is a map of the pit stops. The lines are obviously as the crow flies (no riding in the ocean or on freeways on this ride). I rode out to the first stop in Rosemead and turned around there for a sweet 40 mile ride.