Athletic Resume

Photo credit: Shawn Bannon


Furnace Creek 508– Non-stop bicycle race through Death Valley
2010- Solo finisher, 40hr34min, 24th place
2009- Solo finisher, 39hr29min, 10th place
2008- Solo finisher, Desert Locust, 37hr20min, 29th place
2007- Research PI on raw vegan diet of Brian ‘Emperor Moth’ Davidson, solo finisher
2006- 4-person fixed gear team Bonobo, 32hr30min
2005- Crew Chief for Morgan Goat Beeby, solo finisher

Double Centuries- timed events of 200+ miles
2012-(1) Dirty Double, 18hours, 3rd/4.
2011-(1) Grand Tour
2009- (1) Alta Alpina World’s Hardest Double Century, 15hr23min, 8th place
2008- (3) Camino Real, Davis, Grand Tour
2007- (1) Death Valley Spring
2006- (2) Death Valley Spring, Grand Tour
2005- (9) Camino Real (formerly Butterfield), Solvang Spring, Death Valley Spring, Hemet, Mullholland, Devil Mountain, Central Coast, Eastern Sierra, Mt Tam
2004- (2) Mt Tam, Tour of Two Forests

24-Hour Mountain Bike Races
2012- 24hrs of Enchanted Forest, 3rd place single-speed, 9th/60 overall
2010-24hrs of Cool, 5th place solo single-speed; 24hrs of Boggs, 2nd place solo single-speed, 6th/22 overall
2009- 24hrs of Tucson, 2-person team finisher; 24hrs of Boggs, 4th place solo single-speed

Other Ultra-cycling
2007- Paris-Brest-Paris (1200k), 760 miles in 77hrs; HooDoo 500 4-person team, 28hrs29min, 2nd place
2005- Grand Tour Triple Century, 21hrs

Other Cycling

100-Mile Mountain Bike Races
2012- Racers and Chasers 100, 7hr51min, 1st single-speed, 12th/24 overall
2010-Shenandoah 100, 9hr28min, 18th/69 single-speed
2008-Shenandoah 100, 10hr55min, 37th/71 single-speed; Tahoe-Sierra 100, 10hr35min

Bicycle Touring
2011- Seattle, WA to Minneapolis, MN, 2064 miles, 15 days (138 miles per day!)
2010- San Francisco, CA to Los Angeles, CA, 475 miles, 3 days
2006- Great Divide Mountain Bike route, Canada to Mexico, completed approx 85% / 2100 miles, 29 days
2005- San Francisco, CA to Los Angeles, CA, 475 miles, 3.5 days
2003- Vancouver, BC to San Francisco, CA, 1100 miles, 14 days
2003- Anchorage, AK to Denali National Park, return, 500 miles
2002- San Bernadino, CA to Belize City, Belize, 2700 miles, 58 days (approx)
2001- Huntington Beach, CA to Easton, PA, 3300 miles, 60 days, solo (mostly)

2012-Boulevard Road Race, 39th/50
2007-Mulholland Challenge Century, 7hr8min, 6th place; Conquer the Canyons Stage Race, 15th.
2006- King of the Mountains Century Challenge (total time of 3 hardest 100+ mile timed events in California), 22hrs18min, 38th place.


2010-Vineman full-iron, 11hr19min, 8th age group, 43rd/500 overall
2008- Vineman full-iron, 12hr20min; Auburn World’s Toughest Half-iron, DNF (Heat exhaustion. Day after Davis double century!)
2007-Norseman, World’s Hardest full-iron (Norway), official finisher; Auburn World’s Toughest Half-iron, 5th place age group, 5hr57min
2006- Auburn World’s Toughest Half-iron, 3rd place age group, 6hr5min


2012 La Jolla Canyon 50k, 6hr47min, 11th/30; Zion 100 Mile- DNF (credit for 50 Mile); Headlands 50 Mile, 11hr48min, 36th/53
2011 Calico 50k, 5hr47min, 31st/111
2010 Ridgecrest 50k, 5hr58min, 131st/266

Marathon (ITT)
2008 Los Angeles
2007 Los Angeles, 4hr 47min (day after the Death Valley double century!)
2006 Los Angeles, 4hr4min; Philadelphia 4hr45min

2010- Sauvie Island, Oregon, 1hr38min
2006- Philadelphia, 1hr55min