Day in the Life of Vegan Athletes

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Day in the Life is a documentary series created by Filmmaker Sasha Perry and Registered Dietitian Matt Ruscigno. We spend the day with vegan athletes cooking, eating, training or racing and create high-quality webisodes that show how veganism works for them. Athletes have the most demanding nutritional needs on earth and if they can be healthy on a vegan diet then anyone can! And the number of athletes choosing veganism is steadily increasing. With each episode we often include a recipe from the athlete and practical advice for that sport.  Each Day in the Life episode can be found on the Day in the Life category page and below.

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11. Vegan Track Cyclists

In this episode we meet 3 insanely fast track cyclists, including a national champion!

10. Badwater Ultramarathoner Michael Arnstein

The Badwater Ultramarathon has been called the hardest footrace in the world and in this episode we follow Michael Arnstein as he attempts it for the first time.

9. BMX Photographer Rob Dolecki

BMX is a demanding sport, but 40-year old photographer Rob Dolecki has no problem riding with and shooting athletes that are half his age.

8. Olympic Modern Pentathlon with Raw-foodist Justin Torrellas

A sport with five seemingly unrelated disciplines created specifically for the Olympics? A raw vegan who loves iceberg lettuce? This episode is like no other.

7. Cross Country Skiing with Runner Megan Hebbe

Megan takes us cross-country skiing and we discuss running high mileage, eating gluten-free, the importance of iron and cross training. And I fall a bunch of times because I’ve never skied before!

6. Cyclocross Racer Catherine Johnson

Cyclocross training in the snow and cold with all-around racer Cat Johnson. See her recovery smoothie recipe and tips for getting started in cyclocross racing.

5. Ultrarunner Donovan Jenkins Attempts a 100-mile Run

We travel to the Javalina Jundred where Donovan battles rain, freezing temperatures and sleep deprivation in an attempt to run 100 miles in under 30 hours. We also learn about his amazing path to veganism.

4. Professional Cyclist Cara Gillis, part 2, Intervals

Ever do hill intervals with a pro cyclist? Watch me try and fail miserably.

3. Professional Cyclist Cara Gillis, part 1

Cara Gillis is a P-R-O cyclist and a fantastic vegan advocate. In this episode we see what she’s up to at the Hollywood Farmers Market and then we cook up some Awesome Sauce.

2. Endurance Athlete Brian Davidson, part 2, Death Valley Double Century

In part 2 with Brian we head to Death Valley where he wins a 200-mile bike race! In an unbelievable ride, he is the first to finish the Death Valley Double Century.

1. Endurance Athlete Brian Davidson, part 1

In this initial episode we go on a run with all-around super athlete Brian Davidson and make a vegan cashew chicken salad.

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