Do some vegans exaggerate health claims?

A few months back the wonderful and prolific Bite Size Vegan invited me to be a guest on her YouTube channel to talk about my work and my diet as an ultra-athlete. We discussed exaggerated health claims in the second video and the reaction from her audience was so strong and negative that she invited me back to clarify my points.

My argument was, and still is, that there are many paths to good health- strict veganism is not the only one. There are many factors in determining health and multiple ways to measure it. While there is plenty of evidence that eating mostly plant food is beneficial, that is not the same as veganism.

I’ll let you decide if the point is made or not. The first video is more about me and then the second and third get juicy. Some colorful comments, as well, if you decide to click through to YouTube- including one where I’m told that I’m not a real vegan. 🙂

Let me know what you think and if there are better ways to make these points. Thanks for watching!





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One thought on “Do some vegans exaggerate health claims?

  1. Thanks for these great videos Matt! I thought the way you spoke about these issues were respectful, but you can’t please everyone unfortunately. 🙂 The only thing I can think of as a suggestion for another way to frame it, which I personally think you already did, is to always frame it from a positive angle of “how to be the best vegan advocate” as opposed to people feeling like they’re being criticized. I really enjoy and appreciate your outlook and perspective on things! Wish you had a practice here in Toronto! 🙂

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