for the love of…

bikes of course.
So my boy Steevo, who recently (re)posted some of the great photos from our 2006 Great Divide trip, just wrote an article for Urban Velo called Riding Is My Religion. For those of you who don’t ride bikes often or at all, you may miss the subtleties of what makes riding so beautiful. And what I’ve always said is that it is not the actual act of bicycling that brings so much joy (though that does too!), but what bikes open your life up to. It’s a medium. It’s metaphorical. It’s often unbelievable. Steevo captures it well in this piece. Read it!

I am 29 and have been riding bikes as a part of my life for 25 years. Ever since my mom took me to Louise Moore Park to sign up for BMX racing because I was too young for baseball at 4.

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  1. This article took me back to my first mtb ride 9 years ago where one of the guys had to fix my helmet straps in the middle of the ride because they were tangled, loose and crooked. I wore all the ‘wrong’ things too: sneakers, umbro shorts and a cotton t-shirt. I fell in love with riding my bike that day and every day since and now riding my religion too.I really like your blog, I’ll be back for more!tanya

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