I came to spin, battle me that’s a sin

Not many ways I can spin (haha) a post about a 3-hour spin class to make it sound cool. Or even that interesting. But come on, my local YMCA organized a cycle-a-thon, how could I not participate? I tried to not, but then was told I didn’t have to raise the full $250, but only ‘what I could’. So why not? I’ve only done a couple spin classes cause they are too hard.
They can’t all be like Steevo’s spin class in Pittsburgh.
The girl next to me asked if I was a ‘street rider’, which means that, unlike 75% of bike shoe owners, I use bike shoes on a bike outside of the gym. I did almost crash once when I stopped my pedaling abruptly, to go from standing to sitting, and the momentum of the wheel sprung me forward and lifted the rear of the ‘bike’ off the ground. Oops.
Thanks to everyone who donated money, which was mostly my workout partner Mike T and my co-workers. And Chris and Megan for stopping by.

Chris! (hates exercise)

Cute blonde? Fit? Be a spin instructor!

Sweating so much my sleeves fell off

A band was playing in the front
(not really, but it looks like it, right?)

And it is Earth Day so check out this Humane Society ad.

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