The 196 Pound Vegan

An NFL player? An Ultimate Fighter?
No, it’s me.

I’m up 20 pounds from my ‘race weight’ (I’ve never used that term before) in May 07. Too many Vegan Treats? Too much reading/internet and not riding?

The result of my weight gain is actually the result of taking my training a little more seriously. Here are a few explanations:

  1. Last year I was pretty fit by March. A fast double and a marathon on the first weekend (write-up here) and some good events in April and May. I had trouble keeping my fitness up for Norseman and PBP in August and by September I was done. That’s why I backed out of doing the Furnace Creek 508 in October.
  2. I’ve been hitting the weights pretty hard, three or four times a week. An Olympic runner at the YMCA wrote me two workouts specific to triathletes and they are ‘killer’. Mike T and I bro down hard.

My logic is this: Build a stronger base (literally) further into the ‘season’ and carry weight for longer (to maximize muscle development). When I trim up from the heavy volume of the Spring I’ll definitely lose pounds and aim to be where I need to be later in the year (full-iron in August, 508 in October). The question is this: Will being able to bench my weight or do 45 hanging crunches make me a better swimmer, cyclist or runner?

Since I am on the topic, here is the workout schedule I attempt:

Sunday- Long run (2+ hrs) or long bike (4+ hrs)
Monday-Swim (3o-60 min), Weights (1.5hr), Pilates (optional)
Tuesday- Tempo run (20-45 min)
Wednesday- Bike (2 hrs), Weights (1.5hr), Pilates (optional)
Thursday- Maintenance run (30+ min)
Friday- Swim (technique or long), Weights (1.5 hr)
Saturday- Long bike or run (depending on Sunday), weights (optional)

6 thoughts on “The 196 Pound Vegan

  1. I have nearly another 10 pounds on you. As much as I’d like to claim it’s from lifting weights, it’s all just a bunch of flab. I gained 30 pounds after RAAM in 2006 and I’ve been sitting on my butt too much to get rid of it.

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