Strongest Hearts Funding Campaign Launched!

Happy to announce that we launched a Kickstarter to fund the next phase of Strongest Hearts (previously Day in the Life of Vegan Athletes)! It’s not ideal, as I hate asking for money, but we’ve made some really great rewards from custom water bottles to hoodies and signed books. If you can help our fundraiser financially, we are forever indebted to you. If not, and I understand this completely, please do share it with other groups, websites, organizations, etc who believe in our mission. There’s a lot of noise around media projects in the vegan athlete world and many people simply don’t know what high quality videos we make. All current episodes can be seen here: Strongest Hearts web series. The more momentum we can gather early on the more likely we will be funded. Remember, if we don’t hit our goal we don’t get anything. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Link: Strongest Hearts Kickstarter





2 thoughts on “Strongest Hearts Funding Campaign Launched!

  1. Done.

    BTW, as I climbed the south side of Col D’Izoard today (freakin’ HARD), I listened to your interview with Rich Rolle. So thank you for helping me get up that thing. It was nice to have company.

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