Video of My Presentation on Nutrition for Athletes

This has been one of my busiest Springs in a long-while. Usually I spend this time working at home and preparing for the summer. Instead I was out and about on my mini speaking tour where I presented almost a dozen times. And from a classroom in a small college in Tennessee to a yoga studio in NYC and a bike shop in Portland, the rooms were packed! It’s such a privilege to have the network to set these up and to speak to so many people. I wish I had started doing these sooner! Thank you to everyone involved.

And thanks to Burning Hearts Media, there’s a video of my talk at Velo Cult in Portland:

I’ve also neglected writing here more often. Please follow my True Love Health Facebook Page or @TrueLoveHealth where I regularly post articles of interest.  Thanks for reading and keep your eye for a few bigger projects I have in the works. And get outside and enjoy the weather, wherever you are.

8 thoughts on “Video of My Presentation on Nutrition for Athletes

  1. Brilliant Matt! Thanks for sharing. I found you through a link on nomeatathlete. The resources section was great. I teach plant-based diets to my clients to help with weight loss. A few of them who have come from the paleo world are extremely sceptical of eating legumes and grains. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Thank you! For paleo folks it’s hard to argue with a philosophical stance no matter how much nutrition evidence we have. With that said, I usually talk about how we don’t really know how ‘paleo’ people ate, but we do have plenty of evidence that legumes and whole grains are good for you! I’d start them with lentils and quinoa first as they are very nutritionally dense and less scary for paleos. Best of luck!

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