What Do Vegans Eat at 24 Hour Mountain Bike Races?

Getting ready to race the 24 Hours of the Enchanted Forest solo this weekend and my food haul so far!


Blue chips
Roasted salted green peas
Peanut butter
Corn chips w flaxseeds
European hot cereal aka oats w dates, raisins
Sharkies (they were on sale!)
Chocolate covered pretzels
Cameo apples
Hot chocolate
Yerba mate
Fig bars
Peanut butter zagnuts
Lara bars
Ritz crackers (so good!)
Pineapple coconut juice
Pink lady apples
Graham crackers

Not pictured:
Sustained Energy
Electrolyte drink
Ramen noodles
Soy milk
Fruit spread
(someone remind to get this stuff tomorrow, okay?)

8 thoughts on “What Do Vegans Eat at 24 Hour Mountain Bike Races?

    1. For most 24-hour mountain bike races you race in a loop that takes about an hour and you pass through an area where you set up your own support, or if you are lucky enough, someone is there to help you. I’m definitely not carrying all of this stuff!

  1. Matt, I like your food choices, wish I was a better planner, would have liked to have had some fig bars myself. Opted for natural peanut butter and jam sandwiches in the pit with Hammer SE and electrolytes in the bottles. Thanks for offering me some of your Ritz crackers
    Good race,

    Brian Brothers

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