Jack Lalanne

The dude was epic. There’s no doubt about that. But I like my epic with a little heart and soul and he delivers here:


Also, he was an advocate of a plant-based diet.  Found this interview in the Denver Post with some choice quotes:

Should people consume fewer dairy products?

JL: I’m not a suckling calf. Name me one creature on this earth who uses milk after they wean – except man. Why do you think so many people are fat and have heart attacks? Butter, cream, cheese, all that fat, fat, fat. You can have a little skim milk once in a while. But they’ve got these athletes prostituting their souls by posing with milk mustaches. Those athletes should be selling something that is going to be beneficial, not detrimental, to kids.

Controversial.  Oh, and the dude swam from alcatraz to San Francisco handcuffed.  HE SWAM FROM ALCATRAZ TO SF HANDCUFFED!

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