Carne de soya del mercado cerca de mi casa!

Went to the local store to buy some yucca and came across this!
I hydrate it with veg broth and pan fry with diced onions, garlic, cumin seeds and red pepper flakes. Delicious with fresh guacamole and salsa on corn tortillas.

One thought on “Carne de soya del mercado cerca de mi casa!

  1. Got an anonymous email with some great recommendations for using this:

    Mate you should try boiling those soy chunks in
    stock for 5 minutes, then squeezing out the water and then pan-frying them with some garlic, a little cinnamon and tons of Turkish kebab spices (which of course I don’t know if you can get
    your hands on where you are) until they are nicely coated, go slightly crispy
    on the outside and yet retain their soft centre. Stick ’em on some
    pita bread and add a generous dollop of home-made vegan mayonnaise (you
    know, soy milk and tons of oil added slowly and some garlic and salt) and there you
    have it, your own vegan kebab. Obviously it isn’t all that good for you,
    to say the least, but it’s bloody tasty.
    p.s. Surinamese people and those from the Antilles love this stuff, so
    you might be able to get it more easily if you find a Caribbean shop

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