A paradox: As radicals we find that a forty hour a week office job simply will not meet our desires for passion, for organization that is of the utmost importance, for creativity, or for a desire to create a love of what we do.  We resist corporate culture in order to focus on our own projects and yet for me, a malaise tends to occur. It’s true, I don’t want a boss but I absolutely need accountability. Thus, time management for anarchist meetings are born.

With the intention to inspire and encourage, we meet weekly to outline goals, hone focus, and retain accountability to our causes and our peers. Whether discussing training schedules, meal plans, press relations, creative endeavors, or academic goals – we meet, we outline, and we move forward. For the love of our precious time and the community we intend to serve a dedication to productivity thrives!

Here is proof:

Matt works best in a Christmas themed onesie.

Credit for the idea goes to the comic Time Management For Anarchists!


  1. hey, can time management matt send a message to procrastination matt that the two need to meet about 2011 swarm! stuff, in case i need to print anything.

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