fuck Ironman

World Triathlon Corporation, who put on Ironman(tm), the events I refuse to go to because they are insanely expensive- $550 for a one-day race- and pride themselves on exclusivity just started a program to get early entry in races that costs $1000 a year. A thousand dollars just to register early. Some have called it the Country Club program.

Is anyone surprised? I’m not. This is capitalism at it’s ugliest- exploiting those with more resources to line your own pockets- at the expense of those with less. And because they are so big it makes it harder for smaller race organizers to put on events. If they kept doing what they do- taking money from rich people to make themselves richer I wouldn’t care as much. I still wouldn’t go to their fucking races, but I wouldn’t be as mad about it. But it affects any of us who want to do a long-course swim, bike, run because there are fewer and fewer alternatives. And those of us without thousands of extra dollars.

I put off doing an ‘iron-distance’ because of the association with Ironman-trademark and I’m wondering if I ever want to do one again. There need to be more events like Vineman .

This video nails it. Thanks Treystone!


4 thoughts on “fuck Ironman

  1. So dude, why don't you quit bitching, get off your ass, and put on your own event that costs less?If the prices are really as fucked up as you think, you'll make money doing it and servicing your customers.That's the way markets work.Thanks,BurtP.S.: Triathlons are still gay…

  2. @BurtI do put on races and events, almost all of which are free or at cost. And otherwise support, promote and race events that aren't making huge profits. And it seems you missed one of the main points of my post: fuck the market. That the market and profitability are the concern is the problem.

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