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In my previous post I alluded to being some sort of activist, but it’s unfortunately true that my participation in ‘activist’ activities (action?!) is irregular. Though in the last month or so I’ve been keeping up more with sites like LA Streetsblog and and am seeing more potential in the overlap between their ideas and my own. I’m trained in counseling through my nutrition schooling and one of the main foci is that knowledge is not enough to produce change in individuals. Regardless of the targeted change, there are a plethora of social and environmental factors working against us. Techniques to overcome these barriers as they appear are crucial in any behavior-change plan. My approach has been to be a quiet (okay, not always that quiet!) example and to be a resource for those with a thirst for bicycles, veganism, etc. So before I’m off for this weekend’s adventures I wanted to share what I’ve spent time this week reading.

You should check out this event tonight:
Portland City Repair’s Mark Lakeman will be speaking Friday September 11th at 7:30pm at the Eco-Village and then Saturday from 10am to 6pm he’ll be leading an intersection repair project. more info

Would $5 Gallon Gas Cause Commuters to Change Their Ways?
This is very curious to me. As cheap as I am, I forget how driven by cost so many people are. $5/gallon gas could totally transform our cities.

Did anyone look closely at this controversial interview and research out of Toronto?
Professor Chris Cavacuiti on how to stay safe on the roads

Here’s a criticism from

Have you talked to your work about this?
Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision: Frequently Asked Questions

The Bike League worked hard to get that passed, but local cyclist, trouble-maker and mathematician Dr. Alex Thompson is rightfully unhappy about the bronze-level distinction they awarded Santa Monica with ZERO input from local cyclists: an open letter to the League of American Bicyclists. Props to him for articulating an idea I’ve had about drivers for a long time: murderously entitled.

Have a safe, adventurous weekend and thanks for reading. Lastly, here’s what’s been in my head while I worked this morning:


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  1. Thanks for the props re: eco-village city repair, too! It took a day or so to recover from the frenzy of the interesection painting… but the blog article with fotos is up now: there to other, even better coverage at Homegrown Evolution and Urban Adonia… and bike over and check out our intersection. It's enough to make other intersections around town jealous!

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