508- some stories by better bloggers than me

I’ve been scrambling to catch up on work, calories, fun and other non-ride really far aspects of my life. Here are some links to blogs of people I know who raced and already wrote their stories. Enjoy.

Megan (team Bonobo, Swarm!, etc) wrote two entries with some photos.

George Vargas has a ton of data, stories and photos from his version of the suffer fest. Congratulations on three years in a row!

Brian does not have anything new up yet, but I’d like to announce for him that in 2010 he is going to be on a raw-vegan Race Across America 4-person team with Organic Athlete. Wow! I already volunteered to be on his support team for solo in 2011.

Deanna Adams, is vegan, 20 years old and raced without wearing bike shorts. And I was going to brag about only wearing triathlon shorts.

Laters! Stay warm out there in this cold weather.

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One thought on “508- some stories by better bloggers than me

  1. Thanks for the mention on your blog. I struggling with the creating the videos. I think I’ll make one short one for youtube and a “Director’s cut” with video, bloopers and so on. I’ll keep you posted. I hope all is well.

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