San Diego 300k Brevet

DNF. Booooooooooo. Sheared the bolt on my carbon FSA cranks about 30 miles in. The odd thing was that we started on time and were more or less with the front group. After I called to report our situation the super nice guy from the SD Century Riders actually came and picked us up. Thanks Mike! Probably kept me from stripping out the crank arm or spindle.
Spent the rest of the morning chillin in Pacific Beach looking at purse girls and guys who say things like ‘total mosh sesh’ and ‘killer bro’. Then ate some vegan Asian ‘fusion’ at Sipz before enduring the drive back to Los Angeles. My bike looked all fresh with new Armadillos and the FSA wheels I peeled the stickers off of (pre-crank bolt shearing), too bad. Now I have to go up to SLO to get my 300k in.
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2 thoughts on “San Diego 300k Brevet

  1. Randonuuuuuuuuuuuuurs are just too gnarly for junk carbon cranks.It think a real randoneueer would have specialist TA cranks with some 51x37x12 gear combo, because that is obviously the right gear for randoneeeeuuuuuring. Also, I dont see enough reflective tape and lights and shit on that bike, do you they even let you enter without it?here is the conversation that transpired later that day”did you see the weenie with the snapped crankarm on his 6,000 dollar bike bill?””yes i did, I bought my raleigh xr300 in 1971 and havent changed a part yet, and I had no trouble!”

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