It has been a few hectic weeks! First, I’d like to welcome everyone to my new site. I have some people here from my old blog, NoWhip.blogspot.com, from my twitter account, followers from various readers, and new folks who have found me through Appetite for Reduction, the book I worked on that came out last week. Welcome!


Going from Blogger to WordPress has been more trying than I anticipated. If you are one of the people subscribed through a reader, I apologize for the 60+ posts I seemed to make last week! I was organizing the categories from the old posts I transferred and each one was re-posted! Oops. And there maybe more of that happening…

I’ve some great posts coming, I promise. I ran my first ultra-run the first weekend in December, the Ridgecrest 50k. What a great time! On that trip we also visited the Burro Schmidt tunnel, which one man dug (mostly) by hand, one half mile through a mountain in 34 years. Yes, seriously! Some great photos from that mini-adventure. I’ve failed at this in the past, but I’m really keen on doing a ‘Best Days of 2010’ series where I cover events that didn’t get posts originally. So many fun days this year!

Thank you for joining me here. I’m stoked on the endless possibilities that having my own practice will provide. If there’s anything specific you’d like me to talk more about, please leave a comment below.